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Recently purchased a Microsoft 365 subscription and don't know how to get started with it? Well, you have landed at the right place if you are a new user and completely unaware of the process to deploy your subscription. As soon as you will finish setting up your subscription, you will eventually realize that it was like child's play.

All user has got to do is visit www.microsoft365.com/setup webpage and follow the easy instructions given here. In addition to that, we shall also walk you through some tips to avoid the failure of Microsoft 365 activation.But, prior to that, let us have a glance at why must you choose Microsoft 365 over other Office versions.

Why choose Microsoft 365?

  • Get your hands on a bunch of innovative apps
  • Designed for both official and personal use
  • Amazing features to manage your privacy while you work
  • Astonishing storage capabilities
  • Best Office productivity suite for small and medium-sized businesses
  • It is easy to stay connected with your colleagues while you are using an Office app
  • microsoft365/setup is easy to install
  • There are amazing cloud storage capabilities
  • Collaboration on classic Office apps is easy
  • microsoft365.com setup is a subscription-based purchase
  • You get to enjoy feature updates and patches for vulnerabilities

A rundown to download Microsoft 365 setup

Prior to beginning the actual Microsoft 365 setup process, it is however important you have your Microsoft Office login credentials ready with you. Just in case, if you haven't created an account already, you can create it now because your account has got the details of all your subscribed/purchased Microsoft products.

  1. Use any browser and visit microsoft365.com/setup
  2. This will open the 'Get Started' page on your screen
  3. Here, tap on the blue-colored 'Sign-In' button
  4. Else, you can choose 'Create a new account'
  5. If you choose 'Sign In', enter the Microsoft account login details
  6. If you choose to create an account, complete the account creation process
  7. Then, again visit the microsoft 365/setup web page and sign in
  8. After you sign in, type your microsoft365.com setup product key

Next, install and activate your subscription

  1. After typing the activation code, choose 'Download and install Microsoft 365 Home'
  2. On the next screen, choose 'Install'
  3. Choose from the 'Run' or 'Save' option
  4. Now, it is the time for activation
  5. For this, locate the Office icon
  6. And, open an app like Word or Excel
  7. Enter the Microsoft account login details
  8. Accept the license agreement and it's done

Already redeemed the product key? Follow these steps

There are a few users who have already redeemed their product key but do not know how to install their subscription via Microsoft 365.com/setup. Worry not, if you are one of those users because this section is dedicated to making the installation easier for you:

  1. From a browser, visit microsoft365.com/setup
  2. Just below the 'Sign In' button, locate the 'Install from your Microsoft account' link
  3. As you tap on this link, you'll see the 'Sign In' page
  4. On this page, enter your email, phone, or Skype login ID
  5. Tap 'Next' and enter the 'Password' for your account
  6. Once you sign in, you'll see instructions to install your subscription
  7. Just complete the prompts as you see and you're done

How do you share your Microsoft 365 subscription?

A Microsoft 365 subscription has multiple licenses attached to it. So, if you have purchased a subscription with 5 licenses, you can easily share them with your family members. Here's how:

  1. Go to the microsoft365.com/setup webpage
  2. Sign in to your Microsoft account
  3. Now, navigate to the Office portal page
  4. Then, choose 'Install Office'
  5. And, tap on the 'Sharing' tab
  6. Select the option 'Start sharing'
  7. Now, choose from the two options i.e.
      Invite via email
      Invite via link
  8. On the basis of the chosen option, the other person will be able to install Office

Tips to sidestep Microsoft 365 setup failure

  • Make sure you purchase your subscription via legit means i.e. microsoft365/setup
  • Install Microsoft 365/setup only via the official website-microsoft365.com/setup Be sure to enter the product key correctly as it is case-sensitive
  • If you have already redeemed the product key, then be used to use the same Microsoft account for installation
  • Use a high-speed internet connection while installing your subscription


After a successful installation, one should be an active user so as to enjoy the maximum benefits that you get with your subscription. Apart from that, it is advised to visit the Microsoft 365.com/setup page to get your hands on the latest updates that are frequently rolled out for Microsoft 365 users.